Northern Cancer Alliance Public Involvement Accountability Forum

The overall aim of the Alliance Public Involvement Accountability Forum is to assist the Alliance board to improve patient outcomes both in terms of survival and experience of care. They do this by ensuring that the NCA Framework for Public Involvement is used and integrated into the core business of the Alliance. The forum also reviews performance of the Cancer Alliance within the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey and has the opportunity to influence the development of the NCA work plan each year.

The key objectives of the forum are as follows:

  • Review and scrutinise public involvement activities against the NCA Framework for Public Involvement.
  • Review and scrutinise the NCA work plan, ensuring it is fit for purpose.
  • Provide assurance to the board that the commitment to appropriate and effective public involvement is evidenced in all aspects of Alliance core business.
  • Provide a forum for the sharing of information and examples of best practice.
  • Develop the group as a partnership, agreeing the responsibilities of each member in relation to each other.

Membership of the forum is reflective of health inequalities and includes representatives from the Northern Cancer Alliance core team; people affected by cancer; NCA Lay Representatives; community groups and organisations; cancer commissioners; secondary care clinicians; cancer charities; and CCG communication leads. Each member of the forum is required to provide input from a wide specialism/knowledge perspective and to influence their networks accordingly.

Northern Cancer Alliance Public Involvement Accountability Forum Terms of Reference.

Northern Cancer Alliance Annual Public Involvement Report 2020/21