Making a Difference

This section shows examples of public involvement.

Each story details a project were people have come together to make a real difference to people affected by cancer.

Learning Disabilities Peer Education Programme – Co-designing a cancer education package that can be delivered by people with a learning disability to their peers which raises awareness of risk factors, cancer pathways, screening and early diagnosis.   Process evaluation

Joining the Dots – Aiming to improve the lives of people affected by cancer, including family, carers and friends to receive the support they need when they need it.  Ensuring people affected by cancer have easy, consistent and clear access to support around their holistic (e.g. practical, financial, emotional, spiritual, lifestyle) needs.

Northern Cancer Alliance Public Involvement Framework – Developing new ways of working that ensures people affected by cancer are involved in all aspects of the Northern Cancer Alliance’s work plan.

Best Practice Guidelines – for effective engagement of people with a learning disability in projects – Creating a set of best practice guidelines that would support the engagement of people with a learning disability in projects, ensuring they experience a positive and supportive experience.

Macmillan Mental Health Cancer Care Project – Understanding and improving the experiences of people living with a mental health condition and affected by cancer.

Involving Patients in Personalised Care in Tees Valley – A project in Tees Valley that has involved people affected by cancer in the delivery of Personalised Care events.

Understanding the barriers to accessing cancer screening programmes– Throughout 2017 County Durham Healthwatch engaged with their local community to understand the uptake of cancer screening programmes and the reasons why people may not attend for their screening appointments.