Safety Netting Patients – Information and Resources

Listed below are some helpful sources of information and tools to support effective patient safety netting:

  1. A basic spreadsheet to support an effective safety net system of follow up to discuss investigation/potential referrals available here.
  2. EMIS 5 Tips – creating deferred treatment workflow available here.
  3. Systemone – CDRC Delayed Treatment System Guide available here.
  4. CRUK Safety netting patients during theCOVID-19 pandemic available here.
  5. NCA advice to GPs for suspected cancer referrals during COVID-19 Pandemic here.


Safety Netting in General Practice

Safety netting in a general practice is way of ensuring that systems are in place to provide safe monitoring and follow-up for patients. It can help to reduce clinical risk, manage diagnostic uncertainty and support timely diagnosis of cancer.

The short film below provides an overview of the benefits of safety netting to the patient and the primary care team.