Safety Netting

Safety Netting (SN)

Robust safety netting should reflect three core elements:

  • Patient Communication
  • GP Actions During Consultation
  • Practice Processes and Systems
Implementing practice safety netting procedures in primary care.

Safety netting is an important part of cancer referrals and investigations.

Review Safety Netting Practices – Primary Care Networks should support practices to review their safety netting processes. Could Primary Care Networks agree some standard processes and principles across the Primary Care Network?  Support update and learning sessions including – using  safety netting review tools .Your CRUK Facilitator can provide safety netting workshops/sessions and resources.Download Cancer Research UK Cancer Insights Safety Netting

Ensure recently issued Northern Cancer Alliance COVID-19 Safety Netting Guidance has been used to consider current practice and potential enhancements. N.B. New Safety Netting Guidance and Tools were issued by the Cancer Alliance in March 2020.

Consider the use of safety netting templates within clinical systems.

When practices audit their cancer diagnoses it can often show occasions where there are delays in investigation and referral for a variety of reasons. These delays can be related to patients, clinical or system failure.  Safety netting can minimise this risk

Safety Netting – Hints and Tips