Introducing the Early Cancer Diagnosis – Direct Enhanced Services (DES)

As part of the 5 year plan NHS England has introduced the following five service specifications for Primary Care Networks:

  • Structured Medication Review and Medicines Optimisation
  • Enhanced Health in Care Homes
  • Supporting Early Cancer Diagnosis
  • Anticipatory Care – deferred until 2021/22
  • Personalised Care – deferred until 2021/22

COVID-19 has caused a delay in some of these specifications. Supporting Early Cancer Diagnosis has been delayed to start 1st October 2020.

The Primary Care Network specification works in combination with the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) Quality Improvement Domain, Early Cancer Diagnosis.

One of the recommendations included in this specification is to support engagement with local system partners such as Cancer Alliances. The Northern Cancer Alliance is keen to support Primary Care Networks in this work, in combination with other support organisation such as the Cancer Research UK Facilitator Programme and our local network of Macmillan GPs.

NHS Confederation – Delivering the early diagnosis of cancer PCN specifications top ten tips.

In the following video aimed at primary care networks, Cancer Research UK GPs share ten top tips on the early diagnosis of cancer.

Essentially the PCN DES is Made up of Three Core Elements

The Northern Cancer Alliance alongside key partners (such as the Cancer Research UK Facilitators and Macmillan Cancer Support) have also produced a guidance document and example planning template which can be downloaded via the links below:

Staff profile and contact details