Deciding right Resources

Below is a range of useful resources including full guidance documents for clinicians and other professionals to help you navigate Deciding right.

Find all the Deciding right forms here.

Deciding right – Your life, Your choice – A guide to making individual care decisions in advance with Children, Young People and Adults.

This comprehensive guide describing everything about the process and application of Deciding right in full.

Download the Deciding right guidance Your life, Your choice

Download the Deciding right leaflet

Deciding right Education Resources for Professionals

Access currently available Deciding right education materials for professionals

Act and Adopt

Act and Adopt is an implementation checklist for small and large organisations designed to help you check that you have the elements in place for successfully introducing Deciding right.

Download the Act and Adopt checklist

Planning For Your Future Care Leaflet

A leaflet for patients on advance care planning.

Download the Planning for your future care leaflet

Algorithms and Infographics

A Future Discussion Infographic/Algorithm

Advance Care Planning (ACP) enables individuals to think about how their condition may affect them in the future.  This algorthim should be used in conjunction with the guidance from the GMC on Advance Care Planning (ACP).

Download the A Future Discussion infographic

Download the Treatment and care towards the end of life 

Making Best Interest Decisions in Care Crisis in Adults

Algorithm on making clinical decisions in serious medical conditions.

Download the Making Best Interest Decisions in Care Crisis in Adults

Withdrawing Life-Sustaining Medical Devices Algorithm

Algorithm for making decisions when considering withdrawal of life-sustaining devices.

Download the Withdrawing life-sustaining medical devices infographic